09 July 2010

My Uncle Noticed I Had No Art on My Walls So I Got This.

My uncle (who has a glass eye) recently pointed out that the walls in my room are startlingly blank and he felt I should remedy that as soon as possible. I told him to settle down.

But then the other day I was walking through a garage with some friends and we noticed a pile of discarded goods from a former tenant. Among them was a bin of yellowed rolled up posters. We took the posters back to her flat and the first one we opened was this one:

Brad Pitt

I immediately called dibs and shoved it into my purse. Thanks Uncle Chuck. If not for your anal retentive attention to detail I might not have thought to lay claim to this masterful piece of beauty and proudly display it next to my desk area. What would I do without your wise council in my life? Lord only knows...

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