18 June 2010

And We're Back.

As I’m sure one or two of you may have noticed- probably just my mom- it has been a minute since I last posted anything of substance. This is because an evil little gnome crawled inside my computer and screwed it up. I wasn’t able to blahblahblahtechnicalcrapblahblahblah and it was very frustrating. So I took it to the Apple store here in Bondi Junction.

Long story…

Three appointments and a few tears later my computer is back and slightly improved. When I asked the “genius” who attended my machine why this happened his remarkably in-depth answer was “Just lucky, I guess.” Gee, thanks Forrest. You have a stupid name and a stupid lip ring.

So I am going to cheat. I am going to back date some posts and get you all caught up with pictures, because now I can.

Meanwhile- today is a sunny, albeit blustery day. The sun is shinning so bright that I am actually sitting at my computer with my sunnies on because it just hurts my eyes. I think I’ll go down to the beach today and take some pictures. And hit on the surfer guys… Probably just the former… Those of you that have been a victim of my flirting “skills” will understand why.

Also- and I apologize for the completely random nature of this post but I’m so hungry my stomach is trying to eat my spinal cord and is cutting off the blood to my brain- but also… um… my boss had her baby!

Yesterday as I was peacefully enjoying my newly restored computer in the cave dark comfort of my room I heard MaryAnne calling for me:

MA: Lydia?

ME: Yeah?

MA: Oscar is crying in his crib can you get him? My water just broke.

ME: Oh, ok.

MA: Actually, could you first get me a pad and a clean pair of underwear?

ME: Um, sure.

Ensuing confusion. Finally she and Tom headed to the hospital and just an hour ago Bignill #3 was born. They haven’t named her yet. Originally they had decided on India Grace but it appears that Tom is going to put up a fight. I’ll keep you posted on how that works out. (The theory is she pushed it out, she gets to name it.)

MaryAnne has been putting up quite a fight to get this birth going and luckily I was able to reference some of my doula knowledge to help. Exciting little pearls of wisdom like the Muslim prayer position with rocking and nipple stimulation. Yeah, super exciting. Anyway, something worked and life is about to get just a little louder. Because it was so calm before.

More updates to follow… But for now, here's a picture:

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