07 June 2010

Shari Lewis and Some Food for Thought

Its way too late at night but I had a coke and some chocolate creme thing and I can't sleep. Sugar OD.

Tonight I made lemon sage lamb chops and oven roasted potatoes (sweet and white), carrots, and caramelized onions topped with goat cheese next to a lovely glass of white wine. Betty Freakin' Crocker. Its usually just me and MaryAnne (The Boss Lady) for dinner and we love cooking for each other. Though, with her being at nearly 37 weeks, I do most of the cooking and she does most of the eating. ::Cutie::

Though when I was eating the lamb chops, I kept thinking about Lamchop... Awkward...

So, I didn't go to a normal college so I didn't have a Psych 101 course like most kiddies but I've been living this whole Nature Vs Nurture thing. You read that right. As a nanny I've seen kids from the time they were weeks old. I've watched them grow up and develop little personalities from well before they could speak. I've seen them adopt mannerisms that are identical to something their parents do and then I've seen them come up with something out of the blue that makes you go "Where the heck did they learn that!?" Some things we learn and some things we're born with, right?

Shift from kids to me.

In less than 1 year I have changed cultures/ environments/ "nurture" twice. I went from living in the North to living in the Deep South to living Down Under. I think my head is still spinning. Its been an interesting process and its caused me to really sift through my true nature and what I've been nurtured to do. Every time I've changed cultures I've had the opportunity to keep the things that are really me- the parts of my true Nature- and get rid of the things that were just a product of my environment.

Because we are products of our environment. Our experiences, the people we surround ourselves with, the beliefs systems we stand on, the moral standards we structure our lives around are all parts of what form our personalities. But some of them are just environment. Some of them are just survival mechanisms that we would lay down if given the opportunity to act another way.

Its been an awesome process. Because every time I go through what should be a terrifying experience of having to adapt to a whole new cultural system, I just get to find all the best pieces of me. When we set out on a journey, we expect the scenery to change but we never realize how much our reflection will change. And change is a good thing, we can't have too much change.

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