02 June 2010

Uneventful Adventures

Its another gray day in Oz. I'm sitting at my desk watching the rain drip from unfamiliar trees. There are moments when the weather gets ahead of herself and the rain and sun come together. It sends the birds wild and they drown out any other noise with their rejoicing.

The days are all pretty much the same. Its funny to me how an adventure never really feels like one when you're in it. There are definitely exciting moments that remind me that my life has changed. But for the most part, it just plods along. Which is how its suppose to be, I think.

That's how it is in the stories, at least. Books, not movies. Lord of the Rings, for example. They just walk for weeks sometimes. And then something exciting happens. But mostly, its just them walking. That's the only way we get any where. Just keep moving forward.

A slight change has been my boys. Mum is getting close to having her baby and I think the boys can tell. They've been fairly full on for the past week, keeping things interesting. Melt down temper tantrums and viral infections keep the days pretty hectic. But on the rare sunny day, I put Oscar in his bike and we have our own little adventures. Rides to the park to see the birds. Walks to the cafe for cakes and fruit and coffee (the coffee's for just me). And of course, frequent visits to the swings at the little park on the corner.

Both of the boys are intolerably cute and I have plenty of pictures to post but there is something wrong with my computer and I haven't been able to upload anything. Its pretty freakin frustrating and I'll probably have to give up my computer for a few days to get it fixed. So once that's done, pictures galore. I promise.

I've got a friend headed up the east coast of the states in a boat. He'd probably be irritated at me for calling it "a boat", but he'll get over it. On a day like today, pent up in this house covered in rain clouds, a wide open ocean sounds like a really good idea.

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